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  • General Photography

Need a bank of professional images for your displays, prospectus, marketing or website?

Then get in contact!

Our experienced team can cover any required aspect of your school, whether you just need shots of the building and grounds, or you want full coverage of students and teachers in class. You tell us what you want and we’ll get it sorted.

All we ask is that you deal with photo permissions before we arrive, as trying to manage this retrospectively is almost impossible. Ideally, each teacher would have a list of students who can’t have their photo taken. We can then either leave them in-situ and shoot round them or they can be grouped together temporarily, so we can get the maximum number of useable shots.

Once we finish the shoot, we’ll do a very quick edit of the photos, then provide you with a gallery of images for you to check and approve/discard. We’ll then edit and finalise the images, and send you a download link/disc/USB stick as required.