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  • Prom Photography

We’ve been documenting our Year 11 prom at Notley High since 2003, and have been the sole photography service since 2008. Each year, we provide our students with hundreds, if not thousands, of high-quality images at an incredibly-competitive price.

Our standard offer at Notley is to charge each student a fixed price (currently £7) as part of their prom ticket. For this, we provide 2-3 photographers, allowing us to document the entire evening, from arrivals, through formal shots, to our photobooth and party.

Since we have a known income that covers staff costs before we begin, we are in the unique position of giving students unlimited access to all the finished, high-resolution, unwatermarked images via our bespoke prom website:

We also upload the maximum-resolution images to the cloud, allowing students and their families to download specific images at their desired resolution as required.

In addition, students can order a print of one photo at no additional charge – either one large print or two smaller ones. Additional prints are charged at a fixed rate per print.

We are however, happy to tailor the offer to individual schools. For example, you may wish to reduce the up-front cost, by having fewer photographers, reduced coverage or digital download only. Alternatively, if charging up front is a “deal-breaker”, we can offer a more standard model, where students see a gallery of low-resolution watermarked images from which to buy their prints. In that case, all we ask is a minimum order value from the school, in order to cover our costs.

Each school is different, so please get in touch and let us work out a suitable package for your students’ big day!