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  • Mediaserver

In 2006, Notley purchased our Planet eStream Mediaserver, which provides a fully searchable central archive of audio and video footage - a real "Video on Demand" facility. The system is capable of storing an effectively unlimited amount of high-quality video content converted from the school's stock of videos, DVDs and media clips, video cameras and from FreeView TV. It can even broadcast footage live so students and staff can, for example, watch a live broadcast of a visiting speaker anywhere in the school.

In addition, it connects to the BBC Digital Archive, allowing free access to decades of programming from every possible genre.

All this content is captured onto the system and then made available using any of the school computers using a standard web-browser. The system has the potential to deliver a different video stream to each computer in the school, or indeed several schools, simultaneously. In addition, staff and students can log in over the Internet and view the content at any time, from anywhere.

To see our Mediaserver in action, click here and "Login as Guest". Please note that Guest Access only allows viewing of non-copyright content, such as school-produced videos.  

Further details of this system can be found on the Planet DV website -