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Setting up and managing multiple social media accounts for a school can seem like a daunting prospect – even to those who already use social media personally and feel like they know - or should know! - what they are doing.

We can offer assistance in a variety of areas.

Setting up your social media accounts.

We can advise on which social media channels to use and either assist in the set-up process or, if you prefer, we can set it up for you. Keeping security in mind, we can also advise on suitable passwords and enabling two-factor authentication – thereby keeping security as an absolute priority and ensuring only approved individuals ever access the accounts.

Managing your social media accounts

Once set up, we can be involved as much or as little as you wish. At one end of the spectrum, we can run the accounts for you – the only thing you need to do is provide us with the content, usually one or more images and some text to go alongside. All text will be proofread before posting. If you have no images available, we can also create suitable graphics to go alongside the text.

Alternatively, our team could be made available as a supplement to yourselves, offering advice and/or proofreading on posts and only posting when necessary.